dentist east cobbThere are many health risks associated with smoking and chewing tobacco. Tobacco products can lead to heart disease, stroke, and cancer, among many other complications. Your oral health is also largely put at risk when you choose to smoke or chew tobacco. You should be aware of the oral health complications associated with the use of tobacco products.

First, tobacco products leads to bad breath and tooth discoloration. It also leads to increased build-up of plaque and tar on your teeth, and you are put at a higher risk for periodontal disease. Smoking interferes with normal functioning of your gum tissue cells, putting you at a greater risk for infections. Tobacco also takes a toll on your enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to cavities. You will need to undergo emergency care from your East Cobb Dentist due to these complications, which can be more costly than preventative care.

Smokeless tobacco is very dangerous to your mouth. It irritates your gums and causes them to recede. This could lead to the exposure of your teeth’s roots, making eating and drinking uncomfortable. The sand and grit within most chewing tobacco can also wear down your teeth and take a big toll on your smile. Your East Cobb GA Dentist recommends abstaining from chewing tobacco in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

It’s not too late to turn it around. Although smoking and chewing tobacco can be detrimental to your smile, you can regain a healthy mouth if you take the proper steps. With the help of your Dentist in East Cobb, you can begin to restore any damage you may have done to your oral health. You can explore treatment options that are right for you, and you can begin to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Most importantly, you should practice good oral hygiene. Make sure you brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and regularly visiting your dentist in East Cobb GA. Your dentist will help you protect your smile by giving your mouth a deeper clean than you could achieve alone, which is especially critical if you have been using tobacco products. Your dentist wants you to be healthy, and taking steps to quit using tobacco products is instrumental in this.

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